Our physicians make sure that our patients living with HIV and AIDS get access to the industry’s top medical treatments, testing, and prevention services.

Outpatient Infusion

We believe outpatient infusion services should be as comfortable and accessible as possible. That is why we provide our professional staff to assist and administer infusion treatments.

Hepatitis C

We aim to provide our patients with the proper resources to get evaluated, treated, and monitored for Hepatitis C at IDCWF. Start your effective treatment today!

Transplant Infections

Following organ transplant surgery, some patients are left more susceptible to infection. That is why our team is specially trained to be able to identify infection and how to treat it.

Outpatient ID

From lab tests and follow-up appointments to travel medicine and immunization, IDCWF provides our patients with reliable outpatient care from our team of physicians and specialists.

C. Diff

C. Diff is contagious and can be difficult to get under control without the proper medical attention. With the help of our team, we can help stop the spread!

Inpatient Consultations

Finding a specialized physician while being hospitalized can be a taxing job which is why our team has made an easier solution: inpatient consultations. Let us serve you wherever you need!

Long Haul Covid

With the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, more people are experiencing Long Haul COVID symptoms. Discover how Long Haul COVID can be treated at our IDCWF facility!

NTM / MAC Lung Disease

NTM and MAC Lung Diseases are both challenging infectious to treat especially without specialized care. That’s why our team is specially trained in how to treat these diseases.

Wound Care

Put your wounds in the care of IDCWF’s professional hands to ensure there are no complications, infections, or anything that may mess with the healing process of your wounds.

Infection Prevention

Infections can spread rapidly and completely alter the recovery process. We take infection prevention very seriously to help avoid any complications within our facility.

Immunizations / Vaccines

Protect yourself from infectious diseases by getting your immunizations and vaccines offered at our IDCWF facility. Take a look at which vaccines we offer on-site.


Our team is up-to-date with the latest medical research on how you can protect yourself against Monkeypox outbreaks. IDCWF also offers treatment plans for patients with Monkeypox.

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