Parul Aneja, MD, SJH Quality Physician Champion of the Quarter

Oct 3, 2023

Infectious Disease Consultants of West Florida (IDCWF) is delighted to announce the recognition of Parul Aneja, MD, as the St. Joseph’s Hospital Quality Physician Champion of the Quarter. Our team is incredibly proud of this recognition for our highly esteemed physician. Let’s learn more about Dr. Aneja’s impressive background in the field of infectious diseases and explore the exceptional accomplishments that have earned her this prestigious SJH Quality Physician Champion award.


Background and Qualifications

Dr. Aneja’s extensive medical background underscores her exceptional qualifications as a certified infectious disease specialist. She obtained her medical degree in India and later embarked on her journey in the medical field in Chicago. In 2008, she successfully completed her internal medicine residency at the esteemed University of Illinois, Chicago, Mercy Hospital. Following this, she achieved further expertise by completing her infectious disease fellowship at Rosalind Franklin University two years later. Dr. Aneja laid a solid foundation for her career, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in her chosen specialty. In 2020, Dr. Aneja took another significant step in her professional development by graduating from the BayCare Physician Leadership Program, further enhancing her already well-established skills.

Today, Dr. Aneja plays a pivotal role in the healthcare sector as she serves as the chairperson of committees like the Infection Control Program, Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee, and Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee at local hospitals. She also actively participates in various system-wide quality committees as well as steering and excellence committees in several local Tampa Bay metro area healthcare institutions.

Throughout her medical career, Dr. Aneja has consistently demonstrated her dedication to providing exceptional care to her patients. Her passion for helping others is evident in her work and actions.


St. Joseph’s Hospital Quality Physician Champion

The title of Quality Physician Champion at St. Joseph’s Hospital is given to physicians who exhibit unwavering dedication to enhancing the hospital’s quality of care. It is a massive honor to receive such recognition since only one physician is selected each quarter. This quarter, our very own, Parul Aneja, MD, earned this award. Dr. Aneja not only upheld and enhanced the hospital’s standards of excellence but also actively engaged in educational initiatives.

Dr. Parul Aneja, MD, commands respect within her industry, as well as among the hospital’s staff and patients. Her recognition is an example of the many decades of her dedication to infectious disease care. Our team deeply values Dr. Aneja’s tireless efforts and her genuine passion for her work. Her love for her specialty is evident in all her endeavors and commitment to providing exceptional care to her patients.



Infectious Disease Consultants of West Florida (IDCWF) has been diligently serving the Tampa Bay area with comprehensive infectious disease care since its inception in 2017. Founded by the dynamic duo of Dr. Anil Chopra and Dr. Parul Aneja, IDCWF has fostered an environment where their extensive expertise is harnessed to expedite patients’ journeys to recovery.

Operating from two facilities within the Tampa Bay area – one in Tampa and a newly established one in St. Petersburg – IDCWF offers a broad spectrum of outpatient consultations and treatments. Furthermore, we extend our services to in-hospital consultations at several local medical facilities, including long-term acute care hospitals. Our team of esteemed physicians, all board-certified in Infectious Diseases, hold themselves to the highest standards and are committed to continuous improvement and to providing exceptional care.

Whether you require consultations for infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C, outpatient infusion services, assistance from our travel clinic, or specialized wound care, IDCWF is wholeheartedly prepared to meet your needs. You can schedule your consultation appointment at either our Tampa or St. Petersburg location by reaching us at (813) 450-3457. We will offer you the finest care available!

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